Monday, March 05, 2012

chennai - Max. temp was 31.1°C (1:48pm) ... but felt like 35 deg C with moderate humidity!
On Sunday, Day temp were markedly above normal at many places over Coastal Andhra Pradesh.. number of stations recorded 39 degree Celsius.
chennai - present day temp. of 34 / 35 deg C will continue till 10-Mar... and reduce by 2 deg from 10/11-Mar..
Scattered rain over North N-E states will continue even till 10-Mar...
By 6/7-Mar.. W.D will be weak and will be over Nepal, Isolated showers over S. kerala will continue..
Surprisingly COLA models suggests that entire India (including Peninsula) will cool down by 2 to 3 deg C, from 11-Mar..
Present W.D will continue till 7-Mar... at that time another COLD wave will sweep into N-W,W,Central India..
Yesterday & Today, W.D is in full swing over Kashmir, Himachal and into Uttarakand ...
Min and max temp rose by 2 to ­4°C at many places  over  plains  of northwest,
central India. Above normal by 4­ to 8°C over northwest India
RT @georgypaul1: It is hot and humid in kerala . Summer rain not come. Rain rain come again little children wants to play
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.35am, Clear sky, bright sunshine, humid, prelude to Summer !