Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clear & Dry for next 48 hrs

Clear and Dry is the forecast for next 2 days.
Going by the satellite map, we can see there are formations over the South-east bay... and it seems those formations are moving out of Bay to it's east.

But the numeric forecast says that after 1-Nov-08, we can expect lot of activities over the South-South-west bay. If this happens then we can expect more rain again.

Going by our local obervations, the wind direction is NOT fully OK, it should be from North-East or Pure East to have the Rains get going.
Till now (30-Oct-08, 12:17 PM) after that huge rain on (25-Oct-08) there is no cloud formations. And even the humidity has gone down, making way for a Dry and mild day and slightly chill mornings.
Take a look at the wind direction graph and Humidity graph.

TIP: If you can see a Clear, DARK blue sky then you can say that a NEW weather front is moving in.