Monday, March 12, 2012

Rain over S. Kerala & S. Tip of Tamilnadu on 11-Mar.. Here's the rainfall record till 8:30am, 12-Mar..
On 11-Mar, Minimum temperatures rose by 4 to ­7°C over some parts of east Uttar Pradesh, east Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Vidarbha

Rain over S. Kerala & S. Tip of Tamilnadu on 11-Mar

Aryankavu (Kollam dt) 2, Thuckalay and Kuzhithurai (both Kanyakumari dt), Punalur ,Kollam, Piravom (Ernakulam dt) ,Kayankulam (Alleppey dt) ,Thiruvananthapuram Airport and Nedumangadu (Thiruvananthapuram dt) 1 each.
RT @meethichhuri: Also, It drizzled in Chennai today. Climate was PLEASANT throughout the day. Mazza aa gaya! m/
chennai - expected to get showers during early hours or morning of 13-Mar.
6pm, W.D very active over Kashmir and Easterlies in a lull along Tamilnadu coast..
Easterlies showers will linger over Tamilnadu and Kerala from tomorrow till 16-Mar...
Tomorrow, Easterlies will be active along coastal Tamilnadu, chennai and W.D will be active over Kashmir, Himachal..
A minor heat wave to begin over W-N-W India and N,Central Peninsula from 18-Mar..
From 16-Mar, entire W, N-W, N. Peninsula will start to heat up ..
Tomorrow a High pressure will form over N. Bay.. this'll speed up the exit of Easterlies moisture into Arabian sea..
chennai - now 3:50pm, Heavily Cloudy with sprinkles around.. and temp. at 26.8°C
RT @sarmatangirala: Damnit Rain! Where did you go to? chennai (3:34pm)
RT @jellyfish88: It is raining in my city in March chennai
8pm, a strong W.D has reached N-W Kashmir and Easterlies has reached Central Tamilnadu coast..
chennai - getting ready to host a shower in afternoon, good low cloud formation seen, wind from N-E. Easterlies moisture almost over city!