Friday, January 16, 2009

Almost an Electric shower

As expected we(Chennai) almost had an electric shower...
We had a sharp shower late into night with any electric activity.
From yesterday morning, it was DIM with a mild high cloud cover, Temperatures nearing 30 deg, Bit high in humidity around 60% and in late afternoon lot's of low cloud formations were seen.
We even had some sprinkles of rain around 6 PM.
After that also clouds formations were moderate and after midnight we had a shower.
Satellite pic analysis and latest visible satellite pic shows some formations overnight and nothing much now(16-Jan-09, 12:30PM).
For the past 3 days we have some moisture from sea, that is creating these local bursts.
Please note: These local moisture based activities CANNOT be predicted using any GFS models till date. These can be predicted ONLY using VERY LOCAL weather data.

Today(16-Jan-09), it's like a perfect November monsoon day.... bit warm and sultry.
Less cloud formations can be seen.
Forecast: These local disturbance will continue for another 48 hrs, then gradually the night will become cold again and with DEWs in morning.