Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Super Heavy rains forecasted for Kanyakumari district

Super Heavy rains are forecasted in Kanyakumari dt for next four days by ( )

In four days the prediction is mind blowing
  • 135 cm predicted for THIRUVATTAR
    64 cm for Melpuram my home town - watch out for kuzhithurai in imd table which is 6 km away
  • Pechiparai in kk district has already got 6 cm from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm today

Anyways be prepared those residing there

RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia NO RAINS. thanks to the winds ... but weather is soooo Kewl` .. Evening in Kolhapur today will be just awsome.
COLA model suggests a LOW along Goa on 4-Jun and it'll move towards Gujarat as a Depression ..
Chennai - Rain update, 4:40pm, Heavy rain started in Pallavaram
RT @ARRajivkrishna: awesome weather chennai rain
RT @D_V_: Woot...its raining... Chennai
A low level circulation can be seen along Kerala coast ... this will push E-N-E and may emerge into Bay along S. Andhra on 3-Jun
RT @4MAK: Chennai-its gonna rain!!!
RT @nimodka: - Mazha varumo...? chennai
RT @F5here: It seems monsoon starts officially here in Chennai.. ;)
RT @rajya1994: Finally rains in Chennai !! I'm so loving it;)
RT @jan_dz: Lovely weather!!! It's gonna raaaiiiin! chennai
3:30pm, Heavy monsoon rains over entire kerala , T.showers over N. Tamilnadu, S.Andhra, S. karnatka ..
@fabwrite >> Chennai - 4pm, It's raining over western,W-S-W outskirsts ...
RT @shanpati: Thunder & lightning with strong winds here in Kolhapur. Cn c all colours of Grey/white/black on the clouds. (2:40pm)
Chennai - Radar at 2:30pm shows the Cloud formation over S-W Chennai ...
RT @shanpati: Kolhapur(MH) massive cloud built up. Getting ready for a heavy rainfall. Another relieve from intence heat for last 3 days.
Chennai - Rain started (2:45pm) at Polichalur , Pammal zone in S-W Chennai
Chennai - Weather warning :: 90% chance of T.showers over Chennai W,S-W and N-W .. in another 1 hr
Chennai - touches another 39 deg C at 12:30pm... Today again T.showers possible after 4pm
Heavy showers for entire Kerala to continue till 6-Jun and beyond ... And Monsoon for Mumbai on 7-Jun ??..
On 31-May, highest maximum temperature of 45.8 deg C was recorded at Jhalawar (Rajasthan)
RT @rajugana: Baroda 9.50am, Yestday 39-29C,Eve T.Cell over the western horizons with lightning. Now it's Sunny, with passing clouds.
W.D. sweeping North since yesterday (please refer MW-9 in blog). Rains from 20-45 mms in Punjab, H.P.
UAC forms in SE Arabian Sea. Next, which system will be the guide ??