Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yesterday's visible satellite shot

Yesterday's visible satellite shot, shows a lot of activities almost FULL of Tamilnadu and Kerela and over Bay, South Indian Ocean and South Arabian sea.


"92A"..."93B" and now "94B"

on 9-Apr-09 it's "92A"

on 11-Apr-09 it's "93B"

and Now (12-Apr-09) it's "94B"

Previously the formations were around South of India and now "94B" it's over Bay of Bengal.

Going by latest satellite pics we can see lot's and lot's of activities over the South-central bay region and some areas near Norhern Srilanka.

According to FNMOC it's a potential area... but the JTWC is not at all worried.

Even we are also not worried about the situation. Due to this consistent system over Bay, we might get some Thundery out breaks from tomorrow (13-Apr-09).

Yesterday afternoon we saw a huge electric cloud formation over the South-east part of Sea from Chennai.

Chennai: woke up to a 29.6°C (6:04am) morning... high in humidity and Cloudy.

Still the high temperature has not crossed the 35 degree mark, but the air temperature has risen considerably during the past 1 week.

Later in the day, we will see some cloud formations and that will not threaten to rain today.

Take a look at the latest cyclone potential zone map...

Going by the map, we can see why these formations are concentrated to south Seas... and this even shows a slighly cold sea over the present "94B". So this suggests that the "94B" will not be a big threat but with some huge scattered thunder storms.