Sunday, April 27, 2008

All of a sudden

In chennai the summer heat is building by the day.. take a look at the last 5 days Temperature chart.

As we have monitored the south bay for the past 3 months, there was considerable activity... NOW all of a sudden a cloud mass has developed into a well marked LOW pressure system., then today it's a Tropical Depression laid center at 750KM east-southeast of Chennai.
Take a look at the development of the system and the latest PIC of the system.

Both JWTC and Indian Met department are tracking it as a potential tropical cyclone.
According to Indian Met office report...
"Yesterday's low pressure area over southeast Bay of Bengal has intensified in to a depression and lay centred at eight thirty hrs IST of 27th April within half a degree of latitude twelve degrees north and longitude eighty seven degrees east at about seven hundred fifty kilometres east-southeast of Chennai. The system is likely to intensify further and move initially in a northwesterly direction."

But according to the JWTC/US Navy prediction...

the system is predicted to move in a North-East direction.

Even the COLA numeric forecast also suggests same as JWTC..
If it moves West or North-west... we (Chennai) might be on the way.
Let's wait for tomorrow and we'll see the direction.
Remember during 1st week of May-2004 a same kind of tropical depression crossed Chennai and South Andhra.