Wednesday, October 28, 2015

IMD has announced that NE Monsoon has reached S-coast Andhra, #Chennai and Coastal Tamilnadu.!
Even now, the easterlies are weak over #Chennai.
6:15pm, a mini shower is sweeping over S-central Chennai ..

5:30pm, T showers seen over S,central,N-central Tamilnadu and all along W-ghats from SW Karnataka to S Kerala..

For Tamilnadu coast and S-coast Andhra.. moderate scattered rain forecast from now till mid-morning of 29-Oct.

#Chennai, Polichalur - 6:31pm, a sharp shower now.. 2.4mm of rain from this...

Today as well, low-level circulation 93B persists over SW Bay along SE Srilanka coast ..
93B over SW Bay is expected to drift SW and form a easterly trough from S-W Bay to N Bay...
This can drop a low,mid-level circulation over N Bay in next 36hrs !
May not happen due to approaching WD circulation, trough from West.

NE Monsoon showers along Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai are expected to be moderate, scattered for next 36hrs.

5:30pm, wind analysis of 93B shows a circulation over S Tamilnadu and another SW of Srilanka..

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