Sunday, August 07, 2011

Chennai - now 8:26pm, the Sea breeze has stopped so NO more cloud formation and NO more rain,. some drizzles may linger around for next 1 hr
While the present UAC travels to Rajasthan on 11-Aug and NEW UAC will be born over N.Bay, S. Bengal ..
Meanwhile the present Central India rain will move over S.Rajasthan, W. Madhyapradesh, N.Gujarat, from 9-Aug to 12-Aug.
As expected Showers along entire S-W Peninsula has reduced and it'll stay that way till 12-Aug..
7pm, Massive widespread showers all over Punjab, Central, E.central and N-E states ...
Chennai - Heavy showers now 7:52pm is sweeping Chengalpet to Tambaram zone (Highways)

Pushed past their tipping point, climate alarmism collapses like a deck of cards

The well oiled fear machine of this richly funded criminal conspiracy called global warming has crossed its "tipping point". Malcolm Gladwell, defined the tipping point as "the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point." Tipping point accordingly is similar to what happens if you were to prick an inflated balloon with a needle. As John Costello, a sceptic observed:

"While collective sadomasochism somehow seemed like a romantic idea at the time, it quickly lost its charm as it dropped precipitously out of fashion. Die-hard climate alarmists are shaking their heads in disbelief: how could decades of careful and meticulous brainwashing collapse in a matter of mere months? But their plaintive hand-wringing is itself falling on deaf ears, as their followers desert the sinking ship in droves"

We sceptics can now sit back to sip cold beer to enjoy the tragic comedy each day brings of this collapse. The exponential cataclysm of climate alarmism is so rapid that it has been a strain on us poor bloggers to keep up with the avalanche of its developments. But we try our best to capture the most significant within limits of our resource constraints.

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