Sunday, October 11, 2009

No NE monsoon till 18-Oct-09, predicted by latest GFS .. .. around that time we can see activity along 5th parallel
Thunder cells visible west central Karnataka and north-central Tamilnadu ..
Chennai - Totally cleared up after 1 pm... clear blue skies now. 4:37pm
Climate 2099: A Possible Future ..
Monsoon helps tea output recover in August ...
Chennai - Chance of early sharp showers is around 80%.... Good heavy low cloud formation can be seen overhead.
Chennai - Still (9:51am) it's a heavy, cloudy and sultry day..
Same day(11-Oct) in 2008, North-East monsoon sets in over Chennai & Tamilnadu ..
Satellite shows a clear INDIA with medium clouds over South Andhra coast and Bay region ..
Chennai - A cloudy and heavy pollution filled morning... signs of NE monsoon. Low cloud formation from south-east. Mild drizzle in morning.