Thursday, May 05, 2011

4:30pm, T.showers over N-E orissa and into Jharkand, W.D effect -- some showers into Punjab as well ...
4:30pm, N. Tamilnadu having T.showers again, More showers over S. Tamilnadu and central Kerala ...
Chennai - Now 2:45pm ... 39 deg C and just now a stiff Sea breeze has set from East... Temp will go down!
COLA model expects Thunder showers over entire S. peninsula to dry out from 8-May till 11-May and beyond.
Fresh W.D will start over W. kashmir from today and will last till 8-May... going to be a moderate one
Chennai - just now 12:30pm touched 38 deg C
For N. Tamilnadu .. temperature will be around 38 deg C from 6-May to 10-May and then it'll reach 40 deg C
Today, UAC over S.central Bay still persists ... circulations also can be seen over C. pakistan, Chatisgarh, Bengal..
On 4-May, highest maximum temperature of 44.1 deg C was recorded at Ganganagar (Rajasthan)
Low level wind patterns along south of 5th parallel show good signs of strong S-W winds...
Getting reports from S. Kerala and S. tip Tamilnadu .. signs of early Monsoon and even getting some sharp showers from S-W
RT @albinantony: now @ kottayam , on the way to trivandrum . the sky is almost cloudy and a little rain in the morning
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 11.00am, Little relief, temp down 38-26C yesday. Now its clear sky & hot. ( CDN- 26 Days to SWM!)
Chennai - Another 40 deg C coming up... now 11:30am its 36 deg C