Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chennai - Temperature now 8pm is 22.4 deg C and going down slowly... Another COLD morning ahead !!
7pm, Heavy showers all day long over N and N-E Srilanka...
7pm, After the initial push of the easterly wave the cloud formation was never seen above 10th parallel ...
Upcoming Minimum temperature trend ... interesting views about SUN, earth and weather ...

Minimum temperature trend

Upper level Easterlies blowing from Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal to Arabian sea over penninsular India is becoming westerlies and blowing from Arabian Sea to Bay over NW and adjoining western parts of India. This will considerably resist minimum temperature going further down in Gujarat, Rajastan and some NW parts of India. Perphaps presence of Fog in these regions will be reduced at least partially.
Northern Hemi sphere Equitorial Trough [NHET] line which is well below 8 degree North; that is below Indian latitude. The spurts in the trough line may bring light to moderate rainfall over SE coast of Tamilnadu. The Sun will start its NORTHERLY movement from tomorrow [23 DEC] onwards. Usually during this transition period there happens to be more earth quake or Tsunami.
However weather will be taking a turn when Earth comes close to Sun by (147 million KM) on 3 Jan.
Lowest minimum temperature of 1.5 deg C was recorded at  Narnaul (Haryana) in the plains of the country.
Lowest minimum temperature of 1.5 deg C was recorded at  Narnaul (Haryana) in the plains of the country.
The brilliant orange glow of a total lunar eclipse ... Photos ...
Another easterlies and S. Bay depression forecast for END of this Year... last week of December..
A LOW circulation has formed along S. Srilanka.. and expected to move West slowly.. more Rain for S-E Tamilnadu ..
Chennai - Records another Low temp. of 19.3 deg C (6:13am)
Chennai - Having a 10% cloudy sky now with Dry cold winds from N-W.
A fresh easterly wave would affect parts of south peninsular India from 24-Dec ...
Another easterlies to affect C and S-E Tamilnadu coast from 24-Dec... and showers may not cross the 12 or even 10th parallel
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 10.00am, Clear skies, sunny and cold..