Thursday, September 22, 2011

chennai - Had a CLEAR and HOT day.. max. temp was 35.2 C (2:14pm). NO rain expected for next 24hrs.
COLA model suggests that T.showers may return to Chennai, N.Tamilnadu coast and S.Andhra coast from 26-Sep or even from 25-Sep.
Due to persisting circulation over E.central India.. heavy rain will stay there till 26-Sep..
4pm, 2nd day of Very heavy showers over N-E Orissa, N-E Chatisgarh, S. Jharkand and S. Bengal ..
COLA model :: The circulation will move N-N-W and will persist over Bihar, N.Jharkand and E. UP till 27-Sep..
N.Bay circulation has moved into N-E Orissa and S.Bengal... Heavy showers ahead for next 72 hrs in this Zone..