Saturday, May 21, 2011

Monsoon for S. Kerala, when ? and All are waiting for the Bay LOW to pull S-W current !
T.showers for Central, N, N-E Tamilnadu to continue till 27-May an beyond, in fact models suggest Heavy showers after 24-May
Present W.D over Kashmir will move S-E along Uttarakand and Nepal.. Heavy T.showers likely over N, N-W, N-E, E. India till 24-May
Chennai - Rain threat for S, S-W Chennai is not removed yet ! but reduced to 15%
Reports of morning heavy showers over S-W Kanyakumari district today morning till 7:30am... neyoor records 7.4 cm
Monsoon like early morning showers has started over S. Kerala and S. Tip Tamilnadu coast..
Meanwhile, latest wind sat. shot shows.. Monsoon current getting organized and moving into Bay and reaching Andaman islands.
4pm, More T.showers over S.central, N-E. Tamilnadu..
4pm, Showers over S-W Kashmir, W. UP, E. Jharkand, central Bengal, S. N-E states ..
RT @akshaydeoras: The dangerous cell having cloud tops over 14km is now South of New Delhi Airport
Chennai - S,S-W chennai can expect a Thundershower after 5:30pm
W.D. to be active today (Saturday) in S.Kashmir, H.P, Punjab, Haryana, Utteranchal and Delhi. Violent hailstorms expected.