Friday, October 08, 2010

RT @malhotramona: @weatherofindia sorry got busy 3rd one from 1pm at dindoshi slum side mumbai
Showers along Kerala coast continues but mellowed down from noon.. isolate thunder cells seen over S.central & N.central Tamilnadu.
Chennai - Warm now 3:51pm at 31.3 deg C.. and mild wind from S-E
RT @malhotramona: @weatherofindia 1pm dindoshi mumbai photo no 2
RT @malhotramona: @weatherofindia mumbai 1pm hot and foggy view from dindoshi
IMD GFS predicts, Heavy showers along Entire Tamilnadu coast will start from evening of 13-Oct., aftr 4 dry days..
Climate HysteriaĆ¢€™s U-Turn: Beware Ice Age Cometh! ...
New data indicates that changes in the Sun's output of energy were a major factor in the global temperature increases..
Strong La Nina: Bundle up, Monster Winter Ahead! ...
Nagercoil - Intermittent Heavy showers from morning... and will persist till morning of 10-Oct.
North East monsoon along S,andhra and N. Tamilnadu coast will break out on 16/17-Oct-2010..
Mumbai 33c at 12 noon. high clouds.



Chennai - Today.. it's HOT, HUMID and having Clear skies.. touched 35.3 C (12:01pm)

Oops! New Peer Research says it is the Sun the driver of Climate

New data indicates that changes in the Sun's output of energy were a major factor in the global temperature increases seen in recent years. The research will be unwelcome among hardcore green activists, as it downplays the influence of human-driven carbon emissions.

They found that although the Sun was putting out less energy overall than usual, in line with observations showing decreased sunspot activity, it actually emitted more in the key visible-light and near-infrared wavelengths.

Sapatura - Weekend Monsoon Drive from Mumbai..
initial predictions suggest that Next LOW from Bay will make landfall near Chennai on 15/16 -Oct-2010...
another LOW & circulation expected to pop-up over S-E Bay on 12-Oct-2010...
Last of "95 B" is over S. Bengal and it'll continue to move in N-E direction and clear off in another 36 hrs...
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Chennai - Having a clear & bright sun morning... going to be a warm day.
Visible sat. shot shows ... massive thunder cells over S. Bangladesh and N. Bay ...
Here's the latest position of "95B".. 21.5 N and 88.2 E...
7:30am, Final showers also lashing S. Kerala and S. tip of Tamilnadu ...
7:30am, Heavy showers over S. Bengal and S. Bangladesh... while the LOW 95B still live & moving in N-E direction..
ECMWF model also predicts a LOW over central Bay on 13-Oct...
COLA-GFS, Around 15-Oct, a depression forms over N. Bay and more showers for S.Kerala coast again..
Now COLA-GFS model suggests showers along N.Tamilnadu coast from 9 to 12-Oct, while a LOW system forms over N.central Bay on 13-Oct
In 48 hrs, as the LOW moves over Bengal and Bangladesh... Heavy showers forecast for Bangladesh and most of N-E states..
In 24hrs, massive showers expected along N-E Orissa, S. Bengal and S. Bangladesh ...
10:30pm, Massive thunder storms along Orissa coast ..
5:30pm, "95B" is over S-W Orissa.. and expected to track in N-N-E direction..