Monday, January 02, 2012

On 1-Jan, lots of showers over Central, E.central India ...
Rainfall map for India for season from 1-Oct to 28-Dec-2011.. S,S.coastal Andhra is deficient again ..
Fall in min. temp. by 2 to 4 C over parts of northwest and adjoining central India on 3,4-Jan and increase around 2 C after that due to W.D
Minimum temperatures rose by 2 to 4 C over Madhya Pradesh
A moderate easterlies will start to affect N-E Srilanka from 5-Jan, and will spill over to S. Tamilnadu coast on 7-Jan.
A strong W.D will affect N,N-W Kashmir from 3-Jan, and expected to bring good rain/snow to Kashmir, Himachal till 8-Jan.
Showers over E.central India will subside from 3-Jan... while showers over N-E states will continue till 6-Jan..
A fresh Anti-cyclone will form over Orissa and a moderate easterlies will enter into S-E Bay on 5-Jan..
chennai - Showers will be around city till noon of tomorrow, 3-Jan
chennai - Today morning as well had a sharp shower in some parts. Now (4:11pm) its 27.8 C and Humid !
Showers for S. ANdhra, chennai and N. tamilnadu coast may continue till tomorrow ...
Rumour about earthquake in cuddalore, please note 'there's no technology available to predict earthquake'
Chennai - again showers possible after 5am