Friday, July 08, 2011

Dry weekend weather for Tamil Nadu, interior Karnataka.
Showers along S-E peninsula coast (Chennai included) will be less and far between till 12-Jul ... after that W.Bay will get active again.
Yesterday's Central Maharastra UAC is now over N-W Maharastra, its expected to weaken there and Move N-E in 24hrs.
RT @janki09: waterloging in rain in mumbai (12:15pm)
RT @shamrita143: RT @kaur_nikki: @shahidkapoor Oh god..It so raining heavily here in mumbai..Whenever i see rain @amritaraotweetz 12:30pm
RT @A1BreakingNews: Rain brings Normal Life to a Halt in Mumbai
Chennai - Wind now 12:41pm from W-N-W ... today again chennai might get a T.shower after 4pm.
Chennai - after 4 days .. today again temp. rising above 34 deg C and having high humidity.
11:30am, Heavy showers along entire Maharastra coast, S-S-W Madhyapradesh, N-E Andhra, Haryana, C.Rajasthan..
RT @thesvt: @weatherofindia Heavy overnight rains in mumbai. Colaba (163mm), santacruz (114mm). Now at 10:00 am its still raining.
RT @Aditya_UG: Rains! Just for couple of hours and this is it! @AFC4lyfe @weatherofindia @MadRuskiGunner (Mumbai)
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 10.45am, Heavy rain yesterday night (6 cms). Today it is overcast sky. but no rain.
Rainfall last 24 hrs ended Friday Morning: Colaba  163 mms, Santa Cruz 116 mms ! 3 times the estimate !