Tuesday, April 19, 2011

IMD forecast of South West Monsoon - 2011 ... "rainfall for the country as a whole is most likely to be Normal" .. PDF.. http://ow.ly/d/dYE
Scattered T.shower over central, S. Tamilnadu and Kerala will continue beyond 25-Apr ... may peak around Easter Sunday . http://ow.ly/i/azm5
Today, a circulation over central India persisted.
RT @tr_rajendar: Rain gonna f** stuff up for IPL4? >> Yes, especially Matches in Bangalore and Kochi due to pre-monsoon showers..!
Rainfall till 8:30am of 19-Apr-2011 ... Lots of showers over Kerala, TN, Bengal, N-E states, Kashmir, Himachal ... http://ow.ly/i/azfP
Bangalore - "the rain is pouring down steadily" Cricinfo.com .. another IPL match affected by Rain
RT @shaunkrish: Rain lashed out for a couple of hours in here at bangalore. The weather has suddenly turned a lot chill! (6:58pm)
4:30pm, scattered Heavy T.showers over central and S. Karnataka, S, Kerala along W. ghats, N-W Tamilnadu ... http://ow.ly/i/ayWn
RT @chennaiweather: Rain in interior TN. Chennai may get its share shortly
RT @dhanu91: Heavy rain accompanied by lightning in Bangalore. Forget the match, I say! Guess God doesn't want Dravid to play against rcb
RT @outscribe: Rain is falling in Bangalore. (5:31pm)... Another IPL match going to be affected by RAIN ??!!
Google’s WIND farm - What Will be the World’s Largest Wind Farm ... http://ow.ly/4Df4f

Disturbed weather to sustain over east India, south peninsula

Disturbed weather continued to engulf parts of northwest India, east and northeast India, the eastern seaboard and adjoining peninsular India overnight on Monday.
An India Meteorological Department (IMD) update said that widespread rain or snowfall was recorded in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh while it was scattered over Uttarakhand.


Fairly widespread rainfall occurred over Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi during this period.
But it was isolated over Rajasthan, Meghalaya, east Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, coastal Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Satellite imagery on Monday afternoon indicated that the unstable weather would continue to hold over many of these regions on Tuesday as well.
Convective (rain-bearing) clouds had gathered over Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, the Comorin area, south Bay of Bengal and south Arabian Sea.


A weather warning issued by the IMD said that isolated thunder squalls would occur over east Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Sikkim on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, the weather-maker western disturbance has on Monday crossed in fully over Jammu and Kashmir.
An evening bulletin said that the system and the retinue are moving eastwards. It would affect western Himalayan region and adjoining plains of northwest India on Tuesday.
The induced upper air cyclonic circulation over Punjab is moving eastwards while a counterpart circulation persisted over north Madhya Pradesh and adjoining south Uttar Pradesh.
It is from here that a ‘trough couple' – one reaching all the way down to south Tamil Nadu across Vidarbha and Andhra Pradesh and the other east-southeast to Nagaland.


The spike in maximum temperature to within touching distance from the 45 deg Celsius-mark provided a pleasant surprise overnight on Monday.
The IMD said that Sunday's highest maximum of 44.1 deg Celsius was recorded at Umaria in Madhya Pradesh during the 24 hours ending in the morning.
April turning out to be ‘coldest’ month in Himalayan states ... http://ow.ly/4DbwI
RT @quakereports: earthquake: M 4.9, near the coast of Yemen http://1.usa.gov/f10D8d
2pm, T.showers seen over S. Tamilnadu and Orissa
Chennai - Touched another 35 Deg C and temp. is still around 34 Deg C (3:05pm) .. Temp has not gone down even with Stiff breeze from S-E
RT @akshaydeoras: As expected,minor convection now happening in Nagpur as winds aloft have relaxed. 10% chance of... http://fb.me/DMD4sDN7
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 2.30pm, Sweltering hot yestday 40-27C, today its clear sky, dry, hot and humid.