Saturday, October 08, 2011

S-W monsoon farewell showers for S.Tip Tamilnadu (Kanyakumari district) and kerala is expected from 12-Oct..
T.showers for N., N-Coastal, Central-coastal Tamilnadu will persist till 11-Oct... and rain will shift central, W. Tamilnadu & Entire Kerala
Showers for coastal Maharastra will cease in another 24 hrs and major showers will drift South into Karnataka.
On 10-Oct, a weak circulation possible along Chennai coast and the winds will change direction ... first time from N-E.
Today, a strong anti-cyclone can be seen over S. Rajasthan and a good circulation seen along Orissa coast..
RT @aditya_ug: @weatherofindia its is cloudy in South Goa the entire day but no rains. Very humid. (5:32pm)
Chennai - sharp showers still continue over polichalur zone 4pm
chennai - raining now 3:39pm in pammal, polichalur zone
RT @vivekramindian: @weatherofindia its hot out here in Madurai...
chennai - 3:21pm, a localized T.shower has formed over central chennai and it's moving south.
RT @nravs: But not a drop of rain!! chennai @weatherofindia annanagar 3:04pm