Sunday, July 26, 2009

Uttar Pradesh declares it's 47 districts as Drought hit areas.
#Chennai - now 12:49pm is 36.6°C and still rising. Might touch upto 39 at around 3pm. There'll be Thunder cell formation after 4pm.
Still NO sign of badly needed rain for North-North-west of India... time is running out.
North-central Bay is very active again.. signs of a NEW Low. . .. Entire north-east is going to get heavy rains while the west coast is getting a breather.
#chennai - Now 12pm, temperature is 36.6°C and still rising.
#chennai - All time temperature record for July is 41.1 C (4.7.1915).. yesterday temp. came close to this.
#chennai - A clear day to start with, now 10:03am it's 34.8°C and rising at 1.6 deg /hr