Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Winter ware

Activities for winter

1. Go to Besant nagar beach on a weeknight. Make it really late. Keep any kind of identification with you should the cops decide that you look "suspicious". Walk on the sand. It's really good.
2. Go for a midnight snack. You will be surprised how many teashops and restaurants are open late. Keep you car at home and take a two-wheeler. Enjoy the cold wind on your face
3. Go to the Marina and eat fish. I know that's available all year long, but it tastes better in winter. Trust me.

Cloudy mornings

Chennai is going thru a mild winter.
The low temperature during January is usually around 20°C and sometimes it goes down to 19 or 18°C, but nowadays it rarely crosses the 21°C.
Chennai wakes up to a cloudy mornings... this is because still there is some weak North-East activity. The could formations during 8 AM to 12 PM is a sign of that.
No significant changes are expected for next 2 days.
After pongal (Jan-15) the temperature might go down upto 19°C.