Monday, November 29, 2010

Almost whole of Tamilnadu got some respite from showers.. that'll be the case for tomorrow till 9pm of 30-Nov
COLA-GFS predicts a Depression taking shape over S.central Bay on 5-Dec... along with another easterlies ..
Due to this upcoming easterlies over S.central Bay... NO cloud activity can be seen above 12th parallel...
Easterlies will reach C.coast Tamilnadu in another 24hrs... ... Again N.Tamilnadu may not get Heavy showers due to this.
10pm, Almost NO showers thru Tamilnadu today, except for some showers over S.Tip of Tamilnadu ...
10pm, Western front of Bay Easterlies has now reachd S.central Bay... and moving west and closing in towards C.coast TN.
Chennai - continue to have a DRY day with mild wind from N-E and very less low cloud formations seen,
Another easterlies will enter S-E Bay from 4-Dec... at that time a LOW circulation is also expected over S-E Bay.. which will travel WEST.
Central India high pressure will slightly weaken on 1,2-Dec and then pickup strength again.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 9.30am, Clear skies, Sunny, hot and humid...
Heavy rains forecast for entire C and N. Tamilnadu coast from 1-Dec to 6-Dec.. and beyond.
Both IMD-GFS and COLA-GFS predicts that widespread showers will begin for N. Tamilnadu coast from early hrs of 1-Dec..
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Chennai - a sharp shower possible before 11am.
Chennai - slightly mild morning 26.4°C (4:57am) as compared to yesterday... with some good cloud formation and movement from E-N-E
strong easterly wave has started moving west from E-S-E Bay, will it strike N.Tamilnadu as predicted or reach C.coast Tamilnadu, 48hrs more.
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