Monday, July 18, 2011

Chennai - Today also a mild drizzled passed thru Pallavaram zone at around 7pm

Kollur crosses 4000 mm rainfall in style & Cherrapunji falls further down the list.

The race to be the wettest place in India is something new because Its always been Cherrapunji always as Mawsynarm, Hulikal and Amboli are not readily available.

Rainfall in mm (01.06.2011 to 18.07.2011 - 48 days)
  1. Kollur, Karnataka - 4111
  2. Gaganbawada, Maharashtra - 3320
  3. Agumbe, Karnataka - 3258
  4. Sangameshwar, Maharashtra - 3007
  5. Kadra, Karnataka - 2885
  6. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya - 2828
  7. Quepem, Goa - 2765
Quepem rainfall data not available for one day when Goa got battered 17.07.2011. I think it would have also crossed Cherrapunji's tally.

The break up of Kollur Rainfall are as follows -

  1. 1000 mm - 15 days
  2. 2000 mm - 28 days (13 days for the 1000 mm)
  3. 3000 mm - 36 days (6 days for the 1000 mm)
  4. 4000 mm - 48 days (12 days for the 1000 mm)
  5. 5000 mm - ???? (I predict it will be less than 12 days)
RT @shanpati: Weather in Mumbai conducive for a continuous heavy down pour but its just not happening. Isolated heavy rains continue.
Chennai - 5pm, Heavy cloud formations over N-W, at about 50km from center... Good sea breeze now !!
All major cities and towns are listed here in "Meteorological Institute of Norway" ...
Chennai - Weather forecast as PDF from "Meteorological Institute of Norway" ...
Monsoon update as on 18-Jul-2011 ...
RT @annkur: @whizkidd not heavy rain in Mumbai, but steady downpour since morning (11:51am)
Chennai - there's a good chance of passing sharp shower after 5pm if Sea breeze sets in around 4pm... otherwise NO rain today !
Chennai - Temp. now 12:48pm 35.5 C, a HOT day so far with stiff breeze from S-W..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 11.40am, Sunny with passing clouds a pic no rain
Due to an UAC over S. Gujarat, next 2 days, heavy showers will be over S-E Gujarat and along Maharastra coast ..

Monsoon as on 18-Jul-2011

♦  The axis of monsoon trough at mean sea level passes through Phalodi, Kota, Satna,Ranchi, Kolkata and
thence southeastwards to northeast Bay of Bengal.
♦  The upper air cyclonic circulation over northeast Madhya Pradesh and neighbourhood extending upto mid­
tropospheric levels tilting south­westwards with height persists.
♦  The off shore trough from Gujarat coast to Kerala coast persists.

Rainfall till 8:30am of 18-Jul-2011

3 am satellite image india mond morn,18/july

the dark pink clouds which were to break over mumbai,skirted across the coast northwards,now just south of karachi, north of jamnagar,gujrat,see the latest pictures on satelite imagery