Sunday, November 18, 2007

Good it's raining

After noon today we had 3 or 4 moderate showers. This is very pleasing for Chennai's Northeast monsoon.
I think a low pressure trough might form over west bay along the coast of North-Tamilnadu.
Anyway the NorthEast Monsoon is back Online.
I'm curious to see the day-break tomorrow...
Today's MAX temp 27.6°C @ 10:13am

Signs of North-East rejunuvation

Today(18-Nov-07) also it was a thinly-cloudy Morning and cold (22°C), but soon after 8 AM RAIN bearing clouds started moving in and drizzled too.
Now(2PM) it's very heavily clouded and chances of light shower is high!
Chennai needs the much needed rain not the Chill.
Here is the latest rainfall record for Nov-2007, 36.6mm (November. normal - 350 mm)
Take a look at some numeric forecast... looks like nothing for us..

Chennai - Lowest temperature of the Year

For most of past week, it was DRY and nights were COLD as far as Chennai is concerned.
And interestingly there was no sign of WET north-east wind... this is bad news for Chennai.

Suprisingly, Month and Year low 18.5°C (15/11/07)

Hi: 31.9°C @ 1:23pm Low: 19.5°C @ 5:09am