Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rainfall till 8:30am of 30-Jun-2011 ...
Chennai - having good sea breeze from East ... late evening sharp showers possible before 11 pm
Arabian sea monsoon wing may pickup speed after 4-Jul .. Widespread showers indicated for S-W coast after 4-Jul.
Showers forecast for S. Karnataka, S. Andhra, N. Tamilnadu, Chennai from 2-Jul to 6-Jul and beyond ..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 3.45pm, after a long wait, sudden showers, it is raining - a pic
RT @kishiarora: @weatherofindia yes pouring like crazy (in New delhi) 4:03pm
NO sign of Arabian sea monsoon revival in another 4 days .. we may have to wait for next WET MJO phase starts from 9-Jul
Met Dept buys 2 weather radars from Finnish firm ..
southwest monsoon has hit the capital three days ahead of its normal arrival ..
Heavy showers forecast for W,N-W,N Uttarpradesh and into Nepal for another 24 hrs ...
Latest analysis show, good S-W feed for S. Gujarat and N. Maharastra coast and will exist for another 3 days..
Chennai - Touches a max of 37.4 C (12:29pm) and now 12:48pm its going down due to early setting of good Sea breeze from East.