Friday, November 26, 2010

Chennai - More chances than yesterday that Showers will start from midnight or into early hrs of 27-Nov...
6:30pm, Heavy rain engulfing Central and central coastal Tamilnadu ... Will it reach N. Tamilnadu??..
RT @pspezone: heavy rain in all over the island -Sri Lanka ,what about in Chennai Guys ?
RT @arunrajeshrl: Looks like Chennai is going to get a heavy rain tonight. darkness is falling soo early today with dark cloud
Heavy rain over Central Tamilnadu coast on 25-Nov.. Nagapattinam 13, Tiruvarur 10, Vedaranyam 8 CM
It's confirmed that the HIGH pressure system over central India is affecting the monsoon over N. Tamilnadu.. Very less showers can move up!
2:30pm, While we speak abt NO rain for N. Tamilnadu.. heavy showers continue over S and central Tamilnadu ..
IMD and COLA GFS models still predict heavy showers for N. and C. Tamilnadu coast on 27,28,29-Nov..
RT @sforsenthilc: It was raining. It rained. It's raining and will rain it seems.Summa chillunu irukku neyveli.Loving every bit (2:24pm)
If the Easterlies activate over Bay and LOW move into Mannar then we can expect HEAVY showers over N. Tamilnadu from early hrs of 27-Nov
The S-W Bay low is expected to enter into Gulf Mannar by today midnight.. this will activate the easterlies along Central and N.Tamilnadu
Another reason for NO rain in Chennai and N. Tamilnadu is, the S-W Bay low is active and NOT moving west. Now its over S. Srilanka.
Chennai - Yesterday till late evening did not have any LOW cloud formation all these are due to the central India High pressure zone.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda, 10.35am, Clear skies, sunny, yet chilly..fresh greenary all around due to recent showers.
RT @imagesh: Nice pic RT @JoeJayanth: Pic of the Day - from
A huge high pressure zone over central India is pushing south, it's hindering cloud formation near N. Tamilnadu coast..
Chennai - What happened to the predicted heavy showers ??