Friday, October 26, 2007

Weather maps for next few days

Today we are having good showers from morning... North-east at its best.
It's likely the rain strength might pick up in days to come.
I'm waiting for a Depression or a Cyclone to form from Bay... in next 3 days.

Wait and see

Long wait for a Depression from Bay

Not much different from this time Wednesday. Fewer thunderstorms over land. Map analysis does show a low west of Lakshadweep (Arabian Sea), but no other pressure center is obvious. High cloud patterns hint at the high that is present, aloft, across the middle of India.

The Arabian Sea low is forecast (by numerical forecasts) to tighten and deepen towards the west, ultimately (5-7 days) nearing Socotra, the island off the `horn` of Somalia. It could become a tropical cyclone. The hitch? This solution differs from Wednesday`s; in other words, there is still uncertainty.

As with a western low, Thursday`s numerical forecasts also show an eastern low, as they have for the better part of a week. As with the western low, a Bay of Bengal low (tropical cyclone?) is forecast on a slower schedule than has earlier been indicated. But the location is consistent: east of South East India. To follow the GFS numerical forecast, see the COLA Website.

By the way, the latest (1200 hours GMT) run of the GFS has a strong tropical cyclone west of India recurving towards western Gujurat. It even shows heavy rain into Sindh, Pakistan. This would be towards the end of the first week in November. Anyways, I am not sure it is worth the time spent looking at it (seconds?).

Chennai to Coimbatore

Yesterday i was travelling from Chennai to Coimbatore (497KM) by train.
Started At 6:16AM from chennai central
It was clear and sunny when i started Now the rain bearing cloud cover is getting heavier...
Around 8:04AM reached Katpadi,
After that i had 2 masaal dosai and i vadai for Rs.28.00
Water everywhere due to overnite rains....
Thru the journey there were some heavy and light showers.. upto Salem.
After that dry thru to Coimbatore.

Full day in COimbatore...there was no rain.