Monday, September 21, 2009

Kolkata:: Expect rain during Puja ..
RT @abhshk: Raining Heavily here in Navi Mumbai... Monsoon has entered slog overs....One LashT Time.....
Interesting:: A cyclone formation over central Bay has been predicted around 27-Sep-09 ..
North Arabian sea will be active in 72hrs time.
Here's the latest satellite pic...
After 3pm lots of thunder cells grew all over western coast, Interior Karnataka, West Andhra and west Tamilnadu and over southern Tip.
RT @thinkteam interestingly, climate change is now and real in India. Monsoon patterns have changed. Sunderbans is getting submerged.
RT @kaushalszone: its raining in pune again. I think monsoon is quite long this year.
Heavy storms again over some 60kms west-north-west of Chennai.
RT @BreakingNews: Strong earthquake rocks India's northeast:
More or less a same looking satellite pic .. .. Today we have more scattered thunder cells over South-east peninsula.
Chennai - Very early for a shower.. it's started to drizzle with large drops here in Polichalur (Pallavaram).
Chennai - Already 9:44am we have signs of an early thunder shower... Now it's warm and with good low cloud formation.