Tuesday, February 16, 2010

http://yfrog.com/9s9gcj .. Sat. shot shows, a band of Showery activity over Chatisgarh, Jharkand, West Bengal and SW-Madhya pradesh.
IEA Says Emissions Plans Fall Short ... http://ping.fm/EKkRn
Mild Wet weather for Orissa, Chatisgarh and south-west Bengal .. http://yfrog.com/3779hp
Kolkata - Cloudy and mild wet weather predicted for next 48 hrs.. http://ping.fm/KZk5a
Cloudy weather for Kolkata (Cricket Match) predicted TODAY and TOMORROW.. http://ping.fm/h3IOF
Chennai - A warm morning again 24.1°C (5:18am) with good cloud formation around now 10:15am and temp at 28.4°C