Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cyclone Thane Long term Rehabilitation ...
On 11-Jan, Kanyakumari district of S. Tamilnadu got heavy showers.. Pechiparai recorded a heavy rainfall of 7 cm
On 10-Jan... S. coastal Andhra and S. Tamilnadu towns saw 2 localized cloud bursts.. Kavali - 17 cm and Sivagiri (Tirunelveli dt) - 13 cm
chennai - showers possible today as well and more chances till 14-Jan...
After a long time... entire South India will go dry after 15-Jan... and Days will become MILD with very less humidity !!
W.D will reach N-W, W. Kashmir on evening of 14-Jan... and will stay till 17-Jan..
Showers possible for S.coastal Andhra and N, N-E Tamilnadu including chennai ... on today,13,14-Jan..
Moisture over S and S-E coastal India remain today as well ..