Sunday, January 02, 2011

chennai - heavy rain again over polichalur., Pallavaram now 11.37pm
Ground frost may occure at isolated places of Punjab, Haryana and north Rajasthan during next 2 or 3 nights
Cold day conditions have prevailed over most parts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, north Rajasthan and U.P where max temp remained 16 C or below.
Today also S.Tip of Tamilnadu received sharp showers around 3:30pm.
N-E Monsoon continues to surprise Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu....
Next easterlies around 10-Jan may pop a Depression over S.central Bay... both IMD and COLA GFS predicts the same..
Surprise .. !! Next easterly will start to enter S-E Bay from 8-Jan... unusual at this time of year.
IMD-GFS predicts that Due to easterlies N.Tamilnadu and Chennai will get heavy rain from 5-Jan till 7-Jan..
Due to easterlies almost entire Tamilnadu coast will get widespread rain from 4-Jan till 7-Jan...
Rain expected for S-E and Central Tamilnadu coast from 4-Jan... due to easterlies and This system will affect almost entire Tamilnadu coast
10am, Heavy cloud formation seen over S.central Bay.. and S. Kerala is getting more rain today also ...
RT @vjparasuram: yuppy heavy rain in Chennai... (11:16pm)
Easterlies will start affecting N,N-E srilanka and even parts of S-E coastal Tamilnadu from tomorrow, 3-Jan...
A low circulation has formed over S.Bay...
RT @a_for_shreya: Heavy rain...2mrrw skol??:P hehehe...all skol reopens tomorrow after holidays..
Chennai - and its surroundings are getting heavy rain from 3pm ... even now 11:08pm second round of rain at Pallavaram, pammal.

NE Monsoon continues to suprise - 2011 starts with Heavy Rainfall in Kanyakumari District

Thuckalay (Kanyakumari dt)13 cm
Boothapandi , Kuzhithurai and Nagerkoil (all Kanyakumari dt) 3 cm
Eraniel (Kanyakumari dt) 2 cm
Mylaudy, Kurunthancode and Pechiparai (both Kanyakumari dt)1 cm
Ayikudi and Sivagiri (both Tirunelveli dt) 1 cm

Dam Level
The water level in Pechipparai dam stood at 46.83 ft full level 48 ft
76.20 feet in Perunchani full level 82 ft
17.74 feet in Chittar I full level 18 ft
17.85 feet in Chittar II full lvel 18 ft
26.70 feet in Poigai full level 42 ft
25.00 feet in Mukkadal dam full level 25 ft .