Sunday, April 03, 2011

Thunder shower activity over S. tamilnadu and Kerala to continue till 7-Apr.
Max. temp. will be on very high side over Andhra till 6-Apr... and super heat will shift to Maharastra and Gujarat from 7-Apr.
Present W.D will peak till 6-Apr over Kashmir and adjoining Himachal .
In 24hrs, showers expected over E. Uttarpradesh, Bihar, N.central Bengal, Bangladesh, N.E states, Kerala..
8pm, Heavy rain over Kashmir and central U.P... and heavy thunder squalls over central Bengal ... ...
8pm, Heavy rain over S, S. central Kerala and some showers creeping into W. Tamilnadu as well ...
RT @abulize: Thank God 4 d shower..Now its chilling out here..What a relief.. Adoor, Kerala (7:53pm)
RT @_vinu_: Rain....lightning...thunder! (Kottayam) (6:17pm)
All india heat topper on 2-Apr... 40.6 C recorded at Kurnool and Tirupathi (both Andhra Pradesh)
Yesterday, isolated rain occurred over  Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Haryana, north Rajasthan, Andaman and Sikkim.
Chennai - temp. now 11:26am is 33.2 C and having stiff breeze from S-E... This wind will not allow the temp to rise further.