Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Haze over North India"

Bit warm day(s) and morning(s)

For the past 7 days the minimum temperature was not low at this time of year.
Humidity was around 50%.
Although the DAY temperature was around 29 deg, we can feel some HEAT out of it.
Latest GFS & Satellite... shows NOTHING(No rain) for next 5 days.
Even the "Total percipitable Water" potential has also gone down over the Bay region.
This means there'll not be any formations over Bay for next 7 days.

According to MJO forecat, we are moving into a VERY dry phase of MJO.

Today morning we got reports of MILD showers over South of Chennai(not suburbs).

"Snow over Syria" - Nice aerial shot

Turkmenistan - "Dust storm" Aerial shot