Saturday, August 30, 2014

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#chennai - 10:50am, partly cloudy, getting hot with breeze around. Moderate rain expected after 3:30pm. #weather

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

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#chennai - 6:45pm, a mild evening. Light rain expected after midnight. #weather

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#Chennai - Today, Friday - there's a 20 to 30% chance of T shower after 5pm.
Overall less rain forecast for Tamilnadu during next 2 days.

@ssg89 >> NO rain expected for much of N,N-central,N-W India (including #Delhi ) during next 2 or days.
Signs of Monsoon withdrawal seen !

Latest analysis show a strong low-level circulation over Bay near to N-E Andhra coast, S Odisha coast ... 
A weak low-level circulation also seen over Uttarpradesh as well.

Present Bay circulation is titled S-S-W with height.
700hpa / mid-level circulation is near to N-E Andhra coast .. 
At 500hpa / upper-level the circulation is near to S-central coast of Andhra ... 

At low,mid-levels the circulation over S,S-W Rajasthan persists even today ... 

11am, Due to this Bay circulation... HEAVY convective activity seen along central Andhra coast and central Bay .. 
11am, HEAVY rain persisting along Karnataka coast, rain also over S Madhyapradesh, Odisha, S Bengal ...

In 42hrs, the low,mid-level circulation from Bay is expected to push into N-E,N-central Andhra coast and drift N-W .. 
The upper-level circulation will push into S-central coast Andhra and drift N-W into inland in next 42hrs ... 
Bay circulation after crossing into N-E Andhra, the low,mid-level circulation expected to pop into Arabian sea along Mumbai coast on 31-Aug

Rainfall alert for next 42hrs

HEAVY rain along Karnataka coast to persist during next 2 days.
Scattered rain will persist along N,central Kerala.. 
Before morning of Friday...
HEAVY rain for N,N-E,E Karnataka, N,N-W,N-E,central Andhra into S-E,E Maharastra .. 
Before today late-evening, scattered T showers for S Chatisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha and S,N Bengal .

Friday - mid morning, afternoon, evening ..
Scattered HEAVY rain for N-E,N,N-W,central Andhra and push into S,central,E Maharastra.
Friday and into morning of Saturday, scattered HEAVY rain for N,N-E,N-central,E Karnataka ... 
As the circulation pushes N-W..
Heavy showers for S,S-W,central,S-E,N,N-W Maharastra on Friday and into Saturday... 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RT @WeAreTrivandrum: Cloudy #trivandrum. Chance for an evening shower! #Thiruvananthapuram #Kerala (5:22pm)

RT @WeAreTrivandrum: Yes! It is raining here now at #trivandrum, after 2 days!! #Kerala @weatherofindia (5:59pm)

Weather Instagram at August 27, 2014 at 03:42PM

#chennai - 3pm, a mild and fully cloudy day so far. Showers possible after 7pm. #weather

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As expected a circulation has formed at all levels over Bay.
Sea level circulation is seen over N-central Bay ... 
The mid,upper-level circulations are slightly tilted to S-S-W.
Upper is seen over W-central Bay ... 

1:30pm, Due to circulation over Bay.. it is very active over central,West Bay ... 
1:30pm, Heavy rain along Karnataka coast and N,central Kerala ...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#chennai - 10:20pm, a T shower system is now pushing into W suburbs.
More rain ahead for the night...

1pm, Massive rain seen all along from S-E Gujarat coast to S Karnataka coast ... 
"central Bay is very active"

Good offshore trough seen along Maharastra coast upto S Karnataka coast ... 
A good upper-level circulation seen along W, coast Maharastra ... 
And expected to persist for next 18hrs.

In 24hrs, a strong low,mid-level circulation expected over N-central,central Bay ... 
On 29/30-Aug, the low,mid-level circulation from Bay is expected to reach N,central Andhra coast ... 
And, the upper-level circulation is expected to cross S Andhra coast, #Chennai on 29/30-Aug... 

Today, the low,mid-level circulation over S,S-W Rajasthan persists ... 
This S Rajasthan circulation is expected to persist for next 42hrs !

Rainfall alert
Widespread rain along Maharastra coast, Karnataka coast is expected to persist till Thursday morning.
Scattered HEAVY rain also expected for N,central Kerala during next 42hrs... 

Before early morning of 27-Aug...
Scattered T showers for S,central,W Maharastra, many parts of Karnataka, W,S,N-W Andhra.
T showers also for S Karnataka, N,N-W,N-E,N-central coast Tamilnadu and S Andhra on today and Wednesday.

Scattered T showers for S Odisha, S,central Bengal on today and 27-Aug !
Today, Tomorrow - T showers for S-E,E,N-E Gujarat, S,S-E Rajasthan, W,S-W Madhyapradesh

#Chennai - T showers expected today evening into midnight.
And Showers expected around mid-morning of Wednesday.

Tomorrow, scattered T showers expected for Odisha, N,N-E Andhra, E Maharastra, S Chatisgarh.. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

5:30pm, Scattered HEAVY rain over S,S-E,E Gujarat, W,central,S Maharastra, N,N-W,N-E Andhra, Odisha, Jharkhand.. 

#Chennai - 7:20pm, T showers seen over N-W at around 130km from city. T Showers "may" push into city after 10pm !
#Chennai - Rainfall till 8:30am today...
Nungambakkam = 89.3 mm,
Airport = 85.2 mm,
IWM Polichalur = 45 mm.

#Chennai - 24-Aug, Midnight Thunder Storm... RADAR images video ...

Chennai - 24-Aug, Thunder Storm "Lightning Video" ...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Posted Sunday 24th Night..

Initial Indication of Season Change is seen at 200 mb levels. Jet streams have become Westerly above the 25N line. Monsoon can see a change in the next 10 days...

A trough off the West Coast of India remains active.
A UAC could form in the trough somewhere around South Konkan.

On Tuesday, we can expect an interaction of North winds and West winds around N.I.Karnataka regions.

City weather and details in Vagaries
#Chennai - 10:53pm, its raining now over Polichalur zone with high winds.

RT @abhish05: @weatherofindia raining in T Nagar too. Thanikachalam road. 10:56pm  #chennai
#chennai - 11:49pm, heavy T shower with winds continue over Polichalur zone.
IWM Polichalur rainfall so far 35.7mm

#chennai - 9:45pm, severe T shower is now pushing into NW suburbs.
This can be widespread covering all zones of city


23.08.2014 16 LT

24.08.2014 16 LT
The downward [south] marching sun will be around 14 to 13 Degree North latitude for this date and time.

In land heating around this area is evident.

The South Indian Ocean (SIO) slowly getting warmer.

This diffuses the semi permanent high there

Impact will be felt on SWM rainfall after two or three days.

1:40pm, T showers seen over S Andhra, around 150 to 200km N-N-W,N-W from #Chennai ... 
#Chennai - 2pm, After a cloudy morning.. it is getting hot and humid.
T showers expected to push in from W,N-W after 4pm.

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 1.30pm, Sky dotted with puffy clouds, sun playing hide n seek.. sky pic 

Analysis show that low,mid-level circulation is now over Arabian sea near to Karnataka coast ... 
This circulation is expected to weaken and become a trough along Goa, N-coast Karnataka, S-coast Maharastra in 36hrs 
On 25-Aug evening, an upper-level(500hpa) weak circulation is expected along Maharastra coast ... 

Goa and Karnataka coast, N-Kerala coast to get good rainfall till Tuesday !

A weak mid,low-level circulation expected to pop along S Chatisgarh and near-by Odisha on Tuesday.

Around late-evening of 23-Aug, a weak low-level(850hpa) circulation formed along S Andhra coast ...
11:30am, Satellite shows rain along Karnataka coast and cloudiness, rain along Andhra coast (due to circulation) .. 
The Andhra coast circulation is not expected to persist after next 12hrs !

Before morning of 25-Aug...
Scattered rain for S,W,central,N-W Karnataka, W,S-W,central,S Maharastra... 
Today evening, late-evening, Heavy T showers expected to push into W,central,S,N-W,N Andhra.
Today, scattered T showers for N,N-E,N-central-coast Tamilnadu and #Chennai as well.
Scattered T showers for Odisha, S Bengal, S Chatisgarh and N-E Andhra expected before 8pm today.

After midnight today, scattered rain expected for S,central Maharastra coast and Goa.
Moderate scattered rain expected over N,N-W,N-central Maharastra on forenoon of Monday.
Tomorrow afternoon again...
Heavy scattered rain for W,S-W,S,central Maharastra, N,N-W,N-E Karnataka, into W,N-W,central, N-E Andhra.
Tomorrow, scattered Heavy T showers expected over most zones of Andhra and push into S Chatisgarh, S Odisha.. 
Monday evening, T showers also for N,N-E Tamilnadu, #Chennai.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Naraikadu  - 10:50am, "a violent push of SW rains since yesterday evening. Rainfall till 8.30 am is 109 mm and still going strong."

Today, the circulation is seen along N, central Kerala coast over Arabian sea .. 
Present circulation is expected push North along Karnataka coast, Goa in next 36hrs ... 

10:30am, HEAVY rain seen along Kerala coast, E Gujarat ... 

Weather Instagram at August 23, 2014 at 11:51AM

#chennai - 11:50am, sharp showers now near Tambaram. #weather . photo from Pallavaram.

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The past one week of convective activity has transformed into a violent push of SW rains since yesterday evening. Naraikadu rainfall till 8.30 am is 109 mm and still going strong.