Thursday, October 23, 2014

Prevailing wind and TN rainfall


22.10.2014 /04LT
The series of LOW in Indian Ocean and adjoining Ocean is the result of weak westerly originating from
south Indian Ocean pressure system.

The TMD chart is showing that.  

It is further withdrawal of SWM from below 8 Degree North i.e further SOUTH below INDIAN  MAINLAND MASS.[KANYAKUMARI]

This make EAST-WEST trough (in weak westerlies)which is the origin of rainfall in TN

The usual strengthening of  HIGH PRESSURE system over Asia (Siberia & neighborhood and the Tibetan HIGH at 5000m high.) is to follow to enhance NEly in TN

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This is Bangalore at 4:30pm, " Strong drizzle at brigade road in Bangalore." #weather

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#chennai - 2:50pm, round 2 of heavy T showers now lashing chromepet zone. #weather

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90A - S-central Arabian sea LOW

Analysis show a big low, mid-level circulation over S-central Arabian sea.
This is persisting there during past 2 days and now the pressure over the system is around 1007mb.

During next 3/4 days, GFS expects a N-N-W movement with instensification upto a Cyclone.
But ECMWF model predicts a Gujarat coast landfall round 29-Oct.

12:30pm, visible shows less organization and good convective activity around the system.

Meanwhile, N-E monsoon is expected to be active along Chennai, Tamilnadu coast and interior zones, S Andhra during next 2 days.

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#chennai - 10:20am, heavy rain over poonamalle. Also over madipakkam, Polichalur, chromepet zones. #weather

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Pudukottai, Tamilnadu - 9am, heavy rain. #weather

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Chennai - 8:33am, warm and sunny, but rain expected around noon! Heavy rain seen along central coast Tamilnadu..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#chennai - 9:29pm, sharp shower now over Polichalur zone.

RT @fabwrite: #Chennai - Rain clouds over Kathipara Junction at 2.30pm @weatherofindia @chennaiweather (3:55pm)

3:30pm, Heavy T showers over central,N-E,S Tamilnadu, S Kerala.
While S-central Arabian sea circulation persists.. 

Fresh weak low-level circulation has popped over S-S-W Bay and expected to drift to Central Tamilnadu coast in 40hrs 
The BIG low-level circulation over S-central Arabian sea persists and expected to drift N-W slowly during next 4 days !

From morning of 23-Oct, HEAVY showers expected to push into N,central Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai ... due to today's S-S-W Bay circulation.

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#chennai - 1:50pm, Happy #Diwali !! City got some scattered light rain. Now some heavy rain over NW zones. #weather

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Diwali 2014

Happy Diwali to all our followers, readers, friends and weather enthusiasts !! 

A weak upper-level W.D trough is expected to affect Kashmir on 23,24-Oct.
Scattered rain for Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakhand.
#Chennai - 1st round of sharp showers now (1am) over W-N-W zone of city and moving W-S-W.
More sharp showers ahead for city before Morning.

Diwali day !
Another weak low-level circulation expected over S-W Bay in next 12hrs... 
Meanwhile, the BIG low-level circulation over S-central Arabian sea is expected to persist and drift  N-W ... 

Diwali day!
Early morning, before noon...
Sharp showers expected along N,central-coast, S-tip Tamilnadu and #Chennai. 

12:45am, showers again along central, N coast Tamilnadu.
A sharp shower over N-W zone of #Chennai city.

22-Oct, afternoon, late-evening...
More rain for W-ghats Kerala, Tamilnadu.
N,central,S-tip Tamilnadu.
Less rain forecast for coast, interior zones of Tamilnadu on Thursday.
HEAVY rain again for coast, #Chennai from morning, 24-Oct.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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#chennai - 1:37pm, its warm and sunny after 4 days. Showers expected after 7pm into early morning of Diwali. #weather

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Karaikal - 8:40am, after overnight and early morning heavy rain. 101mm till 3am. More rain ahead. #weather

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Monday, October 20, 2014

@KaushikRg >> #Chennai - Rainfall so far from midnight of Friday, 17-Oct-2014 till 8:30am, Today..
Nungambakkam = 256.2mm
Airport = 226.7mm

#Chennai - 3:15pm, Drizzles has almost stopped now!
NO rain expected for city during next 6hrs.
Showers to continue along central-coast of Tamilnadu during next 4hrs.

2:30pm, HEAVY rain along coast from S Andhra to S tip Tamilnadu, and fresh T showers popping over S,S-W,central TN 

Today, the weak low-level circulation is seen over Gulf Mannar and another over S-E Arabian sea ... 
TOmorrow evening, another weak circulation is expected to pop over S-S-W Bay near to E coast of Srilanka !

T showers expected to persist along Tamilnadu coast, Chennai and HEAVY, scattered over central,N-W,S Tamilnadu for next 36hrs.
@dataswft >> For #Chennai..
21st - Sharp showers, drizzles.
22nd (Diwali day) - Intermittent showers.
23rd - Less showers.

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Chennai - 9:45am, heavy rain with thunder now over Polichalur. This is going to be a long spell. #weather

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Chennai - 2am, moderate rain now over Polichalur zone.
GFS expects a "really" wet Monday till evening for entire Tamilnadu coast, Chennai.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chennai - 9:50pm, heavy rain seen along Puducherry coast and over SE, ESE from city. Expect a wet night , early morning.
1st round in 1hr!

Chennai - 10:25pm, sharp showers now has pushed into North zones of city , Perambur .