Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August 22, 2017 at 04:33PM

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Yesterday's N Maharastra circulation has almost fizzled out, now seen as a very weak circulation over #Gujarat 
Meanwhile a low,mid-level circulation is seen over NE Bay and its upper-level (500hpa) circulation over N-central Bay. 

This NE Bay circulation is expected to drift towards Odisha coast and "move North" into N Odisha on 23/24-Aug.

SW-coast offshore trough seen from S-Maharastra coast to central coast #Kerala. More scattered heavy rain will persist in these zones. 
And, the NW #india and #pakistan LOW has weakened now to around 1000hpa ! 

1pm, Almost No rain over #Maharastra, #Gujarat. Lots of showers has popped over North of #monsoon axis and #Bay is getting active.

Past 24hrs, Heavy rain fell over many zones of Gujarat, W,NW Maharastra, coast #Karnataka, Kerala and South Andhra.
#Chennai missed a midnight T shower that brushed Ponneri zone.

In next 36hrs, widespread heavy rain for N,central Uttarpradesh, W,central Gujarat, coast Karnataka, N,central Kerala and NE Andhra.

#Chennai and most N Tamilnadu, S Andhra is cloudy so far. Less chance of convective build-up expected. Let's see after 4pm.
For #Chennai and surroundings - GFS model continues to suggest more "afternoon, evening" T showers starting from 24th.

Monday, August 21, 2017

August 21, 2017 at 11:53PM

August 21, 2017 at 11:06PM

August 21, 2017 at 04:04PM

#totaleclipse #2017 #solareclipse #USA .
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During past 24hrs, some widespread HEAVY rain recorded over W,NW,central #Maharastra and into SE,E,NE,central #Gujarat, W Madhyapradesh.

Over South Peninsula, during past 24hrs S-coast #Karnataka, S Andhra, N-central Tamilnadu and central #kerala got good rain. 

12pm, Heavy rain seen over W,central Maharastra and over S Gujarat.  

Yesterday's Maharastra circulation has weakened and now seen over N Maharastra. 
In next 36hrs, present circulation will weaken further and drift into SE,E Guajarat and adjoining W Madhyapradesh and fizzle !  

On 23rd, another low,mid-level circulation expected along Odisha coast.  

In next 36hrs, HEAVY widespread rain for S,SE,E #Gujarat, into NW Maharastra, S,SW,W Madhyapradesh.   
Scattered heavy rain also possible along himalayan foothills N Uttarpradesh and Uttarakhand during next 40hrs. Rain is expected to persist along Karnataka coast and Kerala for another 48hrs.


Most of #chennai missed yesterday evening rain. Nungambakkam 5.2mm, Redhills 25mm.
Most of rain was over S Andhra and N-central Tamilnadu.  
Today as well T showers will pop over S Andhra, N,N-central #Tamilnadu towards evening and into late-evening.
#Chennai will get rain today !
1:45pm, early T cells seen over zones bordering N #Tamilnadu and S #Andhrapradesh .. it'll slowly push East towards #chennai and Sea.

For #Chennai , models suggest a increased rainfall activity from Thursday. #good 

Saturday, August 19, 2017