Monday, December 22, 2014

RT @Serene_Meadows: @weatherofindia Cold freezes North, spreads to south now

RT @SkymetWeather: #NewDelhi city enveloped in Dense #fog, atleast 12 #flights and 50 #trains delayed. 

S-W Bay near S-E Srilanka coast is having a low-level circulation and easterlies is seen upto 11N ... 
During next 2 days... moderate rain will reach, pop along S-E,S coast Tamilnadu due to easterlies and circulation.

GFS models continue to project a consolidation of S-W Bay circulation around 25-Dec and drift N,N-W !! 

Chennai - Expected to have 50% cloudy days with 21 C morning during next 2 days !
Sunday morning it was COLD in Rajasthan, Churu records 5 C.
Jaipur = 5C (-4)
Udaipur = 3C (-5)
On Saturday, the day temp across N,N-W India fell...
Ambala = 10 C (-11)
Chandigarh = 9 C (-12)
Delhi AP = 16 C (-6)
Lucknow = 14 C (-10)

Sunday again there was very dense FOG from central Pakistan to central, E Uttarpradesh...
Day temps were below normal.
Sunday's below normal day temps were...
Patiala = 9.7 C
Delhi = 17.5 C
Lucknow = 16.1 C
Patna = 16.6 C

A moderate W.D is nearing N,N-W India.... The system will affect Kashmir, N Himachal today.. 
Snow, moderate rain, cloudy skies expected over Kashmir, N Himachal on today till noon of Tuesday.

Next, upper,mid-level W.D trough is expected to reach N,N-W India on noon, 24-Dec ... 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Today [21 Dec] is the shortest day of the year

This Sunday, 21 December, the northern hemisphere will experience the shortest day of its year, marked at 22:03 GMT by an astronomical phenomenon known as the winter solstice - the moment the North Pole is tilted furthest from the sun as the Earth continues on its orbit.
The solstice doesn't always occur on 21 December. Sometimes it nudges into the early hours of 22 December, which will happen again next year. The hour of day also varies. Last year's arrived at 17:11. Next year's will at 04:38.
It would seem logical that after the shortest day has elapsed the mornings would start getting lighter earlier, but this isn't what happens - the mornings continue darkening until early in the new year.
In the southern hemisphere, it's exactly the opposite story. In Sydney, Australia, for example, mornings will start getting darker from the middle of December, while the evenings will continue to get lighter until early January.
So what is behind this peculiarity, which appears to fly in the face of received wisdom about the solstice - surely the shortest day should experience the latest sunrise and earliest sunset?
Well, the primary reason behind it all is that a day - a solar day to be precise - is not always exactly 24 hours.
"In fact, it is 24 hours only four times a year, and never in December," explains astronomer Stephen Hurley, who runs a popular science blog called The Science Geek. "It is at its shortest around 23 hours 59 minutes and 30 seconds, in early September, and at its longest around 24 hours 30 seconds in December."
There are two reasons why the length of the solar day varies, the first being the fact that the axis of the Earth's rotation is tilted - 23.5 degrees from vertical - and second, the Earth's speed varies because it moves in an elliptical orbit around the sun, accelerating when it is closer to the star's gravitational pull and decelerating when it is further away.
The sun therefore in effect lags behind the clock for part of the year, then speeds ahead of it for another.
"As you can imagine, it would be complete chaos if our clocks and watches had to cope with days of different lengths," continues Hurley. "So we use 24 hours, the average over the whole year, for all timekeeping purposes.
"So, as the solar days in December are on average 24 hours and 30 seconds, while our clocks and watches are still assuming that each day is exactly 24 hours, this causes the day to shift about 30 seconds later each day."
This cumulative shifting explains why the evenings draw in towards their earliest sunset a couple of weeks before the shortest day, and why the mornings continue to get darker until a couple of weeks after.

Couttesy: BBC NEWS

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Present easterlies affecting Tamilnadu coast will dry up in next 24hrs.
DRY next 2 days ahead for most of Tamilnadu, except S,S-E coast !

More easterlies pushing into S,S-E Bay... a low-level circulation is expected over S-W Bay along E,S-E Srilanka on 20-Dec.
This circulation is expected to affect S,S-E,central coast Tamilnadu on Monday ... 
This upcoming circulation can bring showers upto N-coast Tamilnadu, Chennai on Tuesday !!
Most of the rain will be below 12th parallel.

Followed by this... GFS models suggest more easterlies this time with a Depression over S,S-W Bay on 23/24-Dec.
GFS expects the next LOW / Depression will cross S,S-tip Tamilnadu on Christmas day! Giving HEAVY rain on that day. 

Chennai - Almost NO rain expected from tomorrow noon till Monday.
DRY days ahead with COLD mornings.

Drizzle possible on Friday before 2pm.

Weather Instagram at December 18, 2014 at 03:05PM

Chennai - 3pm, kundrathur zone just got a mini passing shower. #weather

from Instagram

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Present easterlies along Tamilnadu coast is hampered by dry winds from North India ... 
During next 2 days, the easterlies is expected to affect only below 12th parallel. Moderate rain expected for central coast Tamilnadu.

Heavy T showers expected for S,S-E coast Tamilnadu on Thursday and Friday.

On 20-Dec, a low-level circulation is expected over S-W Bay along E,N-E Srilanka coast ! 
This S-W Bay circulation along with easterlies can whip rain upto Chennai on Sunday into Monday 

For Chennai, S-coast Andhra and N-coast Tamilnadu ... Only scattered light / moderate rain expected for next 2 days.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Easterlies has reached Tamilnadu coast ... showers will pick strength as the day progresses... 

Chennai - 11:34am, scattered Drizzles so far. And now moderate/light scattered showers forecast before Wednesday morning.
Reason? coming up!
As of now, moderate rain seen from Marakkanam (100km South from chennai) to  Cuddalore zone only.. 

In the North, the upper level W.D trough has weakened and now over East India... giving way to an anti-cyclone over N-W,central India.
This anti-cyclone has started to drive DRY winds from N-W India to N,N-W Bay and eventually to S-E coast India.. (cont.)
.. this will make N-W,N,central,E-central India COLD
Dry up easterlies moisture near S coast Andhra, N,N-coast Tamilnadu and Chennai...
... So present easterlies may not bring heavy showers for N,N-coast Tamilnadu and Chennai during next 2 days !

Today, tomorrow...
Heavy scattered rain for central, S-E coast Tamilnadu and central,S-central,S Tamilnadu .. 

By Thursday, a LOW / depression is expected to form over S Arabian sea and drift West towards Somali coast !

More easterlies expected to affect Tamilnadu coast before end of December.
Next expected to reach on 22-Dec !
These continuous easterly wave "can" pop a Depression or Cyclone over S,S-central Bay during last week of December.
Remember Cyclone Thane ?
Remember Cyclone Thane ?? check here for more ...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Next Easterlies is very near to Tamilnadu coast, Chennai.
It'll start affecting with rain after midnight today !!.. 

Scattered intermittent showers for central,N coast Tamilnadu and Chennai from early hrs of tomorrow, 16-Dec.. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

RT @Serene_Meadows: @weatherofindia
Raining quite heavily now in Delhi. 9:05pm

For South India, another easterlies is speeding towards Tamilnadu coast... 
A low-level circulation also expected to pop over S-W Bay along Srilanka coast tomorrow... 

Showers expected to start along central,S-E,N coast of Tamilnadu from early hrs of Tuesday.
Easterlies is expected to persist along Tamilnadu coast from Tuesday even till 21-Dec !!

"More heavy rain ahead for interior, coast"
RT @Serene_Meadows: @weatherofindia Cold with a mild breeze outside but no rains during the night (Delhi). (5:35am)
RT @Serene_Meadows: @weatherofindia Cold winds, unseasonal rain heralds winter in Capital - Hindustan Times 

RT @SkymetWeather: #Hailstorm in #nashik damages #grape production worth 18 crore. READ FULL REPORT: @weatherofindia 
RT @SkymetWeather: Maximums in #Delhi drop, colder days ahead. #WinterIsComing #Winter @weatherofindia @WeatherDelhi 

Yesterday across N India, the day temps dropped...
Ambala = 15C (-7)
Chandigarh = 15C (-7)
Shimla = 7C (-5)
Lucknow = 19C (-6)

Scattered heavy rain over N,N-central India due to W.D...
Ambala = 39.8mm
Chandigarh = 74.3mm
Bhuntar = 77mm
Shimla = 62.4mm
Patiala= 17.1mm

Now, the upper-level W.D trough is seen along N-W India dipping South upto 21N ... continue to drift East.. 
By morning of 16-Dec, the present W.D trough is expected to drift East and move along north zones of E,N-E India.

Before Monday morning...
Scattered showers over N-E Madhyapradesh, N Chatisgarh, W,central,E Uttarpradesh, W Bihar.. 
Monday, thru the day into midnight..
Scattered rain for N Chatisgarh, E Uttarpradesh, Bihar, N Jharkhand, N Bengal and Sikkim.
Tuesday morning..
Scattered rain for Northern zones of N-E states of India.
That'll be the end of present W.D system !

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chennai - 1pm, heavy rain now over Polichalur zone. Dark as 6pm.

Weather Instagram at December 13, 2014 at 11:18AM

11:07am, Warm and sultry in Karaikal. #weather

from Instagram

Weather Instagram at December 13, 2014 at 11:15AM

Chennai - 11:15am, more sharp showers in Polichalur zone. #weather

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[1] The cloudy weather and associated isolated or scattered rains for somewhat 60% of India is unusual for this  period.(except for TN,CAP & parts of Kerala where the rain is seasonal climatologically)
[2] The prevailing wind pattern can be generalized for 13 Dec 2014 / 0530 hrs as given below:

  • ·         East of about 77 Degree E and unto North of about 10 Degree N, the prevailing wind is predominantly NEly.

  • ·         Elsewhere in Arabian Sea & Indian Ocean it is SEly turning to SWly and engulfing the entire India.

[3] The East west trough identified near 5 Degree North which is responsible for rains in down south including parts of Kerala & Karnataka and troughs in easterly wave responsible for rains in North Coastal districts in TN & coastal AP

12:02am, Heavy rain in Karaikal!

#Kochi: Raining for last 1 hr with more intensity. With camera person Anu, its Kanal for @WeatherOfIndia 8:30pm

RT @I_AshishRai: A drizzly rainy night in Western U. P., suddenly change the night environment.
#Saifai #Etawah 10:12pm

Friday, December 12, 2014

Badlapur - today.. "Badlapur had just gusty East winds with dust blown in air for 10mins.." ..

Nagercoil - 10am, "Raining from 9:15am".. Rain stopped around 12pm... 

Chennai - till 8:30am today...
Nungambakkam = 11.8mm
Airport = 21.7mm
IWM Polichalur = 21.9mm

11:30am, Showers seen over S-tip Tamilnadu and N Madhyapradesh, Kashmir ... 

Today, low-level circulation seen over N,N-W Gujarat ... expected to move N-E upto central Uttarpradesh in 3 days 

Today, before midnight...
scattered T showers will pop over N-W Karnataka, S,W,N-W,W-central Maharastra and into S,S-W,W,N Madhyapradesh

Due to W.D circulation...
Tomorrow, the showers can reach upto #Delhi , Haryana, Punjab, W,central,N Uttarpradesh. 

Before Sunday morning...
Heavy scattered rain expected over W,central,S Uttarpradesh, N,N-E Madhyapradesh, Delhi, Haryana and Punjab !

More rain ahead for N coast, central,S,W-ghats Tamilnadu and #Chennai on Saturday as well !