Monday, July 27, 2015

FLOOD alert :: N,central,E,N-W Gujarat, S,S-W,S-E Rajasthan, W Madhyapradesh

During next 2/3 days...
The S Rajasthan LOW is expected to deepen and persist almost in same zone...
Almost the same situation expected for N Bay LOW..
This LOW is also not expected to move N-W during next 2/3 days...

GFS expects BOTH the systems to persist in SAME location even till Friday.
This can be a disaster for N,N-W Gujarat, S,S-W,S-E Rajasthan !
GFS expects S Rajasthan LOW to drift W-N-W into Pakistan ONLY on 2-Aug. 
And the N Bay LOW to move West on that day..

Till Wednesday / Thursday.. the west coast offshore trough will be active from S Gujarat to central Karnataka coast.
Heavy rain ahead !

Rainfall forecast for next 36hrs

From NOW till noon of 29-Jul..
HEAVY / Very HEAVY rain forecast for N,N-E,central,E,N-W,S,S-W Gujarat ...
From NOW till noon of 29-Jul..
Very HEAVY rain forecast for S,S-W,S-E,S-central Rajasthan, W,S-W Madhyapradesh ...

During next 2 days, Heavy rain also for N-W,coastal Maharastra, Mumbai 
Moderate / heavy rain for coastal Karnataka and Goa.

On eastern end of axis..
Scattered heavy rain for Jharkhand, S,central Bengal, N,coast Odisha on today and 28-Jul.

From midnight today and till noon of 29-Jul... Less or NO rain forecast for Kerala !..

Aternoon to midnight of Today and 28-Jul..
Scattered T showers for S,S-E Karnataka, Bangalore, N,N-E,N-central Tamilnadu, Chennai, S Andhra.

Over North end of monsoon axis...
Scattered heavy rain expected Himachal, Uttarakhand into S,S-W Kashmir for 48hrs..

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