Monday, July 27, 2015

A perfect start to the week. Twin engine for the Monsoon !

Today, there's twin propellers of Monsoon is in force...
One is over S Rajasthan.
Another over N-extreme Bay..
West-coast offshore trough seen from S Gujarat to central coast Kerala.
East-coast trough from N Bay to S-E coast Tamilnadu.

For both LOWs, circulations from low to upper-levels are strong and located almost in same locations respectively..

11am, HEAVY rain N,N-W,central Gujarat, N-W,N-coast Maharastra, Mumbai.. cloudy with showers over Jharkhand, Bengal
11am, Heavy rain seen all along Karnataka and in some zones of central Kerala as well ...

RT @malhotramona: @weatherofindia Mumbai rains now (8:57am)

RT @rdsouza11: Rain likely in #bangalore #monsoon skies r dark.. (12:19pm)
More rain ahead !!

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