Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vagaries' maintains its earlier view, that Monsoon will move into Kerala on 4th/5th June..and progress North towards Coastal Karntaka around 6th June....
Northern Pakistan Punjab, North Indian Plains likely to see cooling down and days getting better at around 40c. As announced earlier, Western Disturbance M-5 will be covering North Pakistan and NW India and Northern Hill States from 31st May, and strengthening over the entire region on June 1st.

Rains will cover Southwards upto Central and Upper Sindh, adjoining Rajasthan and parts of MP. on 2nd/3rd June.

UAC has formed in the Southern Bay..East of TN coast...rains likely in TN on Sunday 31st...UAC likely to move Northwards along the Coast to Coastal AP. Coastal AP will get major relief from heat from Monday 1st as rains will cool down the region.

From Vagaries

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