Sunday, May 17, 2015

SWM on set and deep south Mascarene High

 * Again SE coast in TN is to be active rather than the SW coast of India.

** More sea erosion in east coast will be there and moderate rain in east coastal and  immediately adjoining(west)  areas in TN

*** Streams in eastern / western slopes too will get flash flood.

**** SWM onset may vary / or ?? delayed??
climatologicaly speaking, there were records of SUMMER rainfall and floods in TN.

Records depicting floods in River Vaigai When KALALAGAR is dipping in Vaigai,
 documentary evidence were there to depict animal migration towards eastern slops in Tamil nadu during such climatological conditions especially at foot hills of western guards in TN.
The towns names were derived from migration of elephants [KARIVALAMVANTHANALLUR]

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