Sunday, November 24, 2013

Easterlies has pushed into Tamilnadu coast ... and rain seen ALL along interior, central,N Tamilnadu coast

RT @Ck_Mohammed: @weatherofindia @WeatherChennai Heavy Rain Over Coast Of #ECR & #Thiruvanmiyur ! #ThunderStroms Tooo .. ! (2:57am)

#Chennai - till 9am, IWM weather station recorded 4.5mm

#Chennai - 10:05am, WARM now with temperature around 30 C.
Showers expected towards evening.. this may be the last rain for next 4 days.

#Bangalore recorded 107mm till 8:30am today.
#Bangalore - more rain expected today as well... but may not materialize  till late evening due to yesterday's heavy downpour.

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