Sunday, November 24, 2013

"05B" - Intensifies into Cyclone and first landfall expected over Little Andaman

7:30am ADT Analysis indicates that "05B" has intensified into a cyclone with pressure around 992mb.
Winds upto 110kmph.
During past 12hrs it has moved N-W, and present position is plotted here ...
Now it's nearing 10N, thereby removing the option of hitting central Tamilnadu coast.
The cyclone will be named as LEHAR in next 6hrs.

Satellite visible at 8am show deep convection over its N,N-W,N-E,E quadrants.

Cyclone is set to make its first landfall over Little Andaman, Indira bazaar zone in next 12hrs... and continue to move W-N-W into Bay.
Already HEAVY rain seen ALL over Andaman Islands... more heavy rain and high winds expected over the Islands during next 18hrs.

This is the latest JTWC forecast path for "05B"... a long way to go for Indian mainland.

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