Monday, November 07, 2011

NEM Rainfall toppers (01.10.2011 to 07.11.2011)

Rainfall in mm (Minimum 500 mm)

  1. Coonoor (Tamil Nadu) - 784
  2. Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu) - 693
  3. Mandapam (Tamil Nadu) - 654
  4. Pillur (Tamil Nadu) - 651
  5. Papanasam Dam (Tamil Nadu) - 649
  6. Ramanathapuram (Tamil Nadu) - 613
  7. Parangipettai (Tamil Nadu) - 571
  8. Kavali (Andhra Pradesh) - 547
  9. Tondi (Tamil Nadu) - 543
  10. Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) - 532


  1. As usual thanks to our Statistics man - "Pradeep" for these prompt metrics - good information to everyone.

    Some observations for NEM 2011

    1. NEM started from 20th october and not from 01 october. So in effect figures can be considered for 15-20days rain.

    2. NEM low pressures never brought any depressions or cyclones over south east India (TN/ Rayalseema) instead low pressure (10-15 degree latitude) drifted west and then NW towards Oman - AS1 and AS2. This may have resulted in much less rain compared to anticipated earlier over TN.

    3. Current NEM we do not see much coverage over entire TN/South Andra/South Karnataka except spots with moderate to good rains.In fact absence of depressions over TN - meant no rain exceeding 100mm in say 24hours.

    4. Now we are in dry phase for NEM - when is this likely to revive? Will Cauvery water tension ease between Karnataka/TN?

    5. As predictions are for excess NEM what will be estimation? We have 30days more left for NEM before winter sets in.


  2. sset: I think we were expecting a weakish phase around this time...meaning nothing meaningfull like more than 100 mms/day. Had put up in vagaries about the MJO phase also. Next week may continue to be weak..shall discuss in vagaries abt NEM..