Friday, August 19, 2011

SW Monsoon :: "Tamilnadu is considered to be in the rain shadow region"

As on date [13.08.2011] TN & PDY sub division received an actual rainfall of 128.2mm against NORMAL rainfall of 146.4mm for the period 01.06.2011 to 13.08.2011 which is [-]12%. In IMD term [-]19 to [+]19 percentage is considered as normal. (How and why I do not know. The rainfall during this period can definitely be termed as SWM rainfall, since rain bringing clouds will be moving from W to E.
During any SWM period TN & PDY rainfall average will be between 36.2 cm to 42.0 cm. [Courtesy:UKMET, & IITM Pune]
Except to south eastern most coastal regions -like Thoothukudi & parts of Tirunelveli & parts of Kanyakumari districts- rainfall distribution at any given week during SWM will be ISOLATED to occasional FAIRLY WIDE-SPREADS. One can infer it from daily rainfall graph uploaded in the web. So the convective action bringing rainfall during June to Sept may be termed as SWM rainfall, even though TN is considered to be in the rain shadow region.

- Kaneyen 

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