Thursday, June 02, 2011

Heavy rainfall and Rainfall distributions

The beginning of this SWM 2011 is really promising. Strong monsoonal winds are felt aloft. Astonishingly Tamilnadu too is realizing more than normal rainfall in the far EASTERN regions too. The recent developments [98A] in the Arabian sea may push the monsoon further north.
As pointed out by Rajesh, most of the heavy rainfall regions in India is not considered by IMD. Because IMD may not be having normals for that stations or if district normal is considered,then in computation of this normal, all heavy rainfall stations may not be considered. In Tamilnadu hilly stations like [1] upper Kothaiyar [2] Kuthuraivetti {Uthu} [3] Alwarkurichi peak [4] Polankudiyeruppu [5] Catchment area of river Periyar over Sivagiri Hills [6] upper Nirar (China Kallar) [7] Sholayar Dam [8] Devala etc. are some of the very heavy rainfall stations.
The statistics, especially the district wise rainfall distribution may be correct if these heavy rainfall stations are omitted. But these heavy rainfall regions are indicators of SWM rainfall.
Atleast Mr. Pradeep must come forward to analysis rainfall and distribution in these regions. Taluk wise rainfall distribution based on area weighted average will give clear picture.

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  1. Tamilnadu Toppers in 4 days from june 1, 2011

    1.Devala 45 cm
    2.Sholayar 42
    3.Chinnakallar 37
    4.Valparai 24
    5.Naduvattam 19


    The top rainfall in tamilnadu are

    1.Chinnakallar around 500 cm

    2. Devala around 450 cm

    3.Upper Kodayar is around 400 cm

    4. Kakachi, Tirunelveli 350 cm

    5.Valparai 350 cm