Thursday, December 10, 2009

Comment on -- "India to deploy more Doppler radars"

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ISRO has already identified and selected sites in cosultation with Agricultural universities of southern states and installed AWS. Agrometeorological units of state Agricultural Universities disseminate daily [local] forcast in collabaration with IMD. []But ISRO installing Dopplar Weather Radar [DWR] is a new information; That too at Cherapunji the world's wettest place. If it is true ISRO must consider installing DWR at Kanyakumari, Chinna Kallar,and other meteorological vantage locations in the west.
Note that there is NO DWR in the west coast.
However, by instaling DWR at high mountain ranges, there is every possibilities that the signals will be reflected by mountain range. But I do not know the principles of DWR. I believe that installing DWR at KANYAKUMARI will definetely help understand the South West monsoon and the study of winds and other weather pattern in Indian Ocean.

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