Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Threat of Cyclone - lowered

The immediate threat of Cyclone to North-Tamilnadu coast has been lowered.
Take a look at the latest GFS for 7-Dec-08.

Moreover going by latest satellite pic, there is also no visual of significant Cloud formations over south-east Bay.

Still we can see clouds hanging over south-east Bay...
A LOW pressure system might hit northern Srilanka and some parts of Southern Tamilnadu around 7th or 8th of December.
Keep your fingers crossed. Wait & watch for another 48hrs.


  1. s so as the threat of any rains for chennai

  2. Tropical cyclone alert issued by JWTC. The system is much south off the srilanka coast. The system is seen moving westwards. so guess not much impact for north TN.

  3. Will this storm too track the same path as 'NISHA'. ?
    NISHA also came close to srilankan coast and moved north towards the North TN coast.

  4. Cyclone aiming for srilanka. extreme south tamilnadu might be impacted.

  5. Latest gfs indicates a moderate to high cyclone landfall might be as same as to tat of nisha by 12th near npt check this system is likely to take same path as tat of its predecessor by the look of things