Friday, November 07, 2008

Unusually dry at this time of year!

We are experiencing an unusually dry period at this time of year.
It's supposed to be a only rainy season for Chennai.
Forecast :
According to numeric model suggestions...
In coming days the temperature & humidity will go up.
Some signs are here today, partly cloudy and bit warm.
We can expect some showers mid of next week.
Some suggestions are, there'll be a depression formation over the bay during the next weekend.

Some exerts from Blog.
Still virtually no rain on the Subcontinent as of Thursday. Another day of above-normal warmth, too. That is a strong anticyclone (aloft) over the west of the Subcontinent.
Eastward shift and weakening of the upper anticyclone will afford continued above-normal warmth over the Subcontinent into the coming week. It will also allow for the return of scattered rains into Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Not any indication for full-blown NE Monsoon rain as yet. Oh, it will be something to look for next week: a tropical depression or tropical cyclone over the Bay of Bengal.


  1. There seems to be a prominent Buzz in the south west bay and adjoining south andaman sea. And from the satellite pic it looks like its heading towards the TN coast. Mya be this will intensify one or two rounds ro bring rain to the TN coast in the next 3 days. The BBC forcast suggests that .Though the GFS model sees rains above the 15th Parallel, which means no rains for TN.
    Hope the dry spells ends and we get back the NE monsoon.