Friday, October 17, 2008

Slow Rain rate!

Now it's official, IMD has declared that North-east monsoon has set in.
After some 3 days of good sharp showers, today it's partly cloudy and sunny at times.
The Rain rate has slowed down after yeasterday (15-Oct-08) night.
The night of 16-Oct-08 received some small showers.

But as i write now (17-Oct-08, 2:36 PM) a huge cloud formation is seen on the east-north-east over the sea.
Here is the latest satellite pic...

some activity can be seen over the south-east Bay.
Soon we will see more and more cloud formations, lowa and Circulations.
Anyway it's a good start to the Monsoon.


  1. On 16th evening, there was excellent cloud formation over the east, but there was n't any rain in the evening, though it rained during the night. What could be the reason?

  2. For the last few days there s a huge formation of clouds towards south east of srilanka especially during evening nights resulting in heavy rains in southern districts no such luck for us. so far just a passing shower here and there