Thursday, January 26, 2017

WD and Easterlies for next 2 days ! Happy Republic Day

10:45pm, Heavy hails lashed Old Rohtak.
Rains only in Mtown - Model town:- 8mm

11:40pm, We can see WD and Easterlies affecting N,NW India and SE India respectively ... 

11:40pm, #Delhi - Showers due to WD is seen pushing from SW ... "more rain ahead into #RepublicDay .. 
11:40pm, Showers also seen pushing into NW,W Uttarpradesh as well ! 


Mid-level trough of WD is seen entering into N,NW India.
Upper-level WD trough is seen along Pakistan border, dipping South to NW Maharastra ... 

In next 48hrs, upper,mid-level WD trough is expected to drift East and then ESE and reach E Uttarpradesh, Bihar ... 

In 36hrs, Widespread moderate/heavy rain for Haryana, Kashmir, Himachal, Punjab, W,NW Uttarpradesh...
Scattered showers ahead for N,central,S,E Rajasthan and some into N,NW Madhyapradesh in next 36hrs.

Showery #RepublicDay ahead for #Delhi ...

On Friday, the rain will push into Uttarpradesh and travel eastwards along with the weakening W.D trough !!


For S,SE #India, especially for #Tamilnadu, S #Andhra and S #Karnataka ... an easterlies is slowly pushing into TN coast now !
12:20am, already good showers have pushed along Karaikal to Chidambaram coast.. 

During next 2 days, easterlies will be affecting many zones of Tamilnadu and S Andhra and S Karnataka.
A weak circulation expected to pop along mouth of Gulf Mannar on 26th due to this easterly trough... 

Today till evening, showers will be mostly concentrated along central,SE coast Tamilnadu and scattered T showers over S,central zones.
From evening today, showers are expected to propagate to N-coast Tamilnadu and even into #Chennai ... 
#Chennai - can get 1 or 2 moderate rain after midnight of 26th(today).
Cloudy with mini rain spells can be expected on Friday.

Scattered moderate to heavy T showers expected to pop over zones of interior Tamilnadu on Friday !
Cloudy with light/moderate rain possible over (scattered) zones of S Karnataka, #Bengaluru and S Andhra on Friday !

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