Friday, January 20, 2017

Easterlies nearing Tamilnadu coast

9:30am, Easterlies are near and upper-level wind speeds gave picked up along N,central coast of #Tamilnadu ... 

10:30am, Mini showers are visible in #Chennai RADAR around 150km  SE from city, nearing Pondicherry .. 

Showers expected to reach central-coast #Tamilnadu towards evening/late-evening.
Moderate / heavy rain for central,SE-coast Tamilnadu from midnight today to Sunday morning.
Less rain expected above Pondicherry latitude !
#Chennai #jallikattu - A chance of rain before 2pm today.
More "chance" of 1 or 2 moderate rain on Saturday.. 
Till Monday morning... HEAVY rain will be along central,SE-coast #Tamilnadu.
Less along N-coast and #Chennai.
central and S #Tamilnadu to get scattered heavy T showers after 10am on Saturday.
#Jallikattu weather !

It's going to be a WET and CLOUDY next 7 days for many zones of #Tamilnadu, because another Easterly wave is expected to follow this one!


Next, WD system is expected to be strong and will reach NW,N India on 25-Jan.
A rainy #Republicday on cards for #Delhi ... 

#COLD for N,NW India will be normal and slightly below normal in some pockets during next 4 days before the next WD.

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