Sunday, December 04, 2016

DRY, COLD to return to S,central Peninsula, Tamilnadu, Chennai after 36hrs

Remnant of #Nada is seen over SE-Arabian sea as a weak circulation ... 
Another LOW is slowly pushing its way into SE-Bay .. tracked as 99W..

Present circulation over SE-Arabian sea is expected to pop T showers ALL along W-ghats from NW-Karnataka to S Kerala in next 24hrs .
During next 36hrs, moderate rain to persist along S Andhra, NE Tamilnadu and over Chennai ... 

99W over SE Bay is expected to track West and concentrate into a Depression in 24hrs then to may be a Cyclone in 48hrs.. 

Due to 99W, HEAVY rain and squally weather expected over S,central Andaman Islands during next 48hrs.
HEAVY Flooding rains possible over S,central Andamans during next 36hrs ... 

99W during next 48hrs it'll track West and after intensification it'll be steered NW into central Bay !

As 99W slowly intensifies, RAIN all over Tamilnadu will dry out in 24hrs.
COLD night, morning will start from monday night, Tuesday !
Dry day and COLD night,morning expected to return to most of S,central Peninsula, Tamilnadu, Chennai from monday night .. 

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